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Products : Shrink Boot Adapter

Product Overview:

Amphenol shrink boot nut is suitable where space and weight are of major consideration. While saving on these fronts, it retains all the advantages of a shrink boot termination.

Many applications where heat shrink boot termination is required are facing with space constraint due to the excessive length of boots. Amphenol shrink boot nut is a solution for such a problem, which minimize the overall length and hence the space requirement for such termination

Product Lists
4Non- Environmental
4 Environmental
4 Non Environmental EMI/RFI
4 Environmental EMI/RFI
4 Shrink Boot Adapter
4 Shrink Boot Nut
4 Band Lock Adaptor
4 Crimp Adaptor/Ring
4 Tie Wrap Backshell
4 Strain Relief
4 Grommet Nut
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