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Back Shells- Types
Amphenol back shells are available in different types for variety of applications. In ground and naval application the robustness and the environmental sealing may be more important, where as weight may be prime consideration for space and Aerospace application. Following section explains the various type of Amphenol back shells with the designated ordering codes.

First 4 type of back shells shown here can be used without any additional protection/strain relief mechanism. The type shown against Sl. No. 5 to 10 are to be used with heat shrink boots or similar protection/strain relief mechanism depending upon the specific requirements.

Non - Environmental Backshell
Suitable for an inside the box/climate controlled room application where the cabling should be supported with adequate strain relief.
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Environmental Backshell
Apart from the strain relief mechanism, this type provide suitable environmental protection with a cable sealing of water pressure up to 6 feet . Such protection is essential for outdoor application where high reliability signal transmission is to be ensured.
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Non Environmental EMI/RFI Backshell
Electro-magnetic and Radio frequency noises are very common in the present days, especially with the quantum leap in Electronics and wireless communications. It is essential to arrest/eliminate such noises from interfering with the signals...
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Environmental EMI / RFI backshell
Amphenol shielding termination design coupled with environmental sealing feature gives a very good solution for cabling where electro magnetic noise elimination and environmental protection are equally important.
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Shrink Boot Adapter
Using the heat shrink boot is another way of providing the environmental protection and strain relief to cable termination. Using a suitable adapter is essential here to make sure the repairability. Amphenol shrink boot adapter is designed to provide excellent characteristics in all these parameters.
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Shrink Boot Nut
Amphenol shrink boot nut is suitable where space and weight are of major consideration. While saving on these fronts, it retains all the advantages of a shrink boot termination.
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Band Lock Adaptor
The shielding termination using the Band-IT bands of suitable size gives very good shielding characteristics. Tempered bands are tightened over the shields, which is pulled over the banding area, using special assembly tools.
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Crimp Adaptor/Ring Backshell
The shield termination using the crimp ring is achieved without any special tools. The crimping could be done by the normal pliers with suitably modified jaws. By eliminating special tooling this Backshell become user...
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Tie Wrap Backshell
Many applications call for just tidying up the cable in the desired direction with a “minimum weight” consideration. Amphenol Tie Wrap Backshell are useful for such applications.
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Strain Relief
Amphenol Strain Relief not only tidy-up the cable after termination but provide good strain relief also. It is a low cost cable holding option when environmental protection is not a concern.
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Grommett Nut Backshell
Amphenol Back Nut provide a good grommet-holding force for the Crimp-Connectors, when expensive and heavy back shells are not used. Such holding force is essential to hold the contracts and grommet in place when terminated with wire bundles.
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