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Products : Crimp Adaptor/Ring Backshell

Product Overview:
Many cable terminations where heat shrink boots are used will require provision for termination the screens too. It is achieved in this type of back shell thru a ring, which can be crimped to the back shell body holding the screens in between. A conventional crimping tool, which is supplied by Amphenol, will do the job effectively.

The shield termination using the crimp ring is achieved without any special tools. The crimping could be done by the normal pliers with suitably modified jaws. By eliminating special tooling this Backshell become user friendly and at the same time provide effective 360 shield termination.
Product Lists
4Non- Environmental
4 Environmental
4 Non Environmental EMI/RFI
4 Environmental EMI/RFI
4 Shrink Boot Adapter
4 Shrink Boot Nut
4 Band Lock Adaptor
4 Crimp Adaptor/Ring
4 Tie Wrap Backshell
4 Strain Relief
4 Grommet Nut
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