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Market Segments :
Amphenol caters to almost all the interconnect applications in Military, Aerospace, Industrial and Telecommunication market segments. Circular connectors are widely used for Military, Aerospace and Industrial markets and all such applications will require suitable backshells to terminate cable to the connectors.

Backshells for Military & Aerospace applications are governed by SAE, AS85049 standard and Amphenol Backshells are designed to meet the requirement of this standard. Though this standard covers various styles of Backshells, many applications call for additional styles and designs. Here is where the capability of Amphenol will come for your help. Amphenol will support you from the concept to product realization and thereby your unique specification need is satisfied.

Industrial Market needs are again unique. Though the connector specifications for this market are derived primarily form the Military specifications, many additional design considerations are accommodated to suit the specific needs of Industrial markets. Amphenol, with its unbeatable capabilities, supports such unique design needs.
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