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Why Amphenol for Backshells :
Leaders in Circular Connectors
Amphenol companies in USA, Europe and Asia design, develop and manufacture circular connectors conforming to virtually all the Military, Aerospace and Industrial standards for over 50 years. Since the back shell is being used with connectors, every aspects of the connector design is to be considered while designing any Backshell. Amphenol, with its vast experience and expertise in connector design, has all the right inputs, both explicit and implicit, to make a good back shell.
Cable Harnessing Expertise
Amphenol has already moved up the value chain from the connector manufacturing to cable harnessing and then the system integration. Such subsystem and system integration experience enables Amphenol to understand even the minute requirement in terms of the application of a Backshell accessory, which is always an integral part of such assembly. Such practical insights are valuable and never compensated.
Flexible and Fast Service
Amphenol has a variety of standard Back shells to suit most interconnect needs. The more exciting features is that Amphenol can provide custom designed Back shells quickly. With the on-line design inputs and approval facility, implementation of such flexible service becomes fast and timely.
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